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Your Pain

Data analysts and scientists spend 70% of their time wrangling and then fixing bad data.

Bad data costs $3 trillion per year. [Source: Harvard Business Review]

The Solution

We don't fix bad data: We keep it from getting bad to begin with, providing a 3x-4x productivity increase, with a no-code, single version of the truth for all your company's master and transactional data.

You get built-in data governance, data lineage and history, data quality, master data management, metadata management, data discovery, and encryption. No more data debt or data tool hairballs.

And you get a friendly UI, API, database model, and database storage: Everything you need to make data easy.

Did we say no-code? No downloads, either. Oh: And it's free for life if you keep it simple. After you grow and reach liberal limits, most companies spend just $50/month.

Who It's for

We target the 100 million new startups annually who want to get data right from the start.

With a self-serve freemium model and built-in templates, you'll be up and running in 5 minutes. Seriously.

Why It Works

A graduate of M.I.T. and Harvard Business School, Larry Shiller has provided various pieces of this platform for major banks and hedge funds including Bridgewater Associates, Goldman Sachs, Princeton University, and Bank of America.

As an entrepreneur, Larry understands that startups care about the value their business provides customers: Technology and data are servants to that master goal.

And he's seen the expensive problems that accrue when data is not done right from the start: Not being able to calculate CAC or CLV. Not having real-time P&Ls. Not having clean data on which to do meaningful analysis.

Avoid these problems and their expense. Go with Holistic.

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